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Chinese tungsten carbide market price in Feburary 2023

Release time:2023/2/11
Chinese tungsten carbide price is increasing recently, as the market is expected to continue to be strong in the short term as there are many positive news in the market. 
1, the negative impact of the epidemic eased. The market consumption and enterprise production and operation environment tended to be stable; 
2, the implementation of the domestic economic stabilization promotion fee policy was promoted, which drove the demand for downstream manufacturing industries to gradually pick up; 
3, the slowdown of overseas tightening policies and a slight drop in inflation eased the pressure on the financial and metal markets; 
4, a new round of institutions and large enterprises guided price increases to implement the market growth since the Spring Festival. Holders are still mainly interested in exploring higher prices, and downstream tungsten products are passively following the rise.

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